Family Development Account Success Stories

Jewell FDA photo w-tree_1.jpgBill Jewell and his wife Cindy worked paycheck to paycheck. Rent was difficult to afford. They knew they had to get ahead and start looking for a home. But as newlyweds, they were unsure how long it would take to save enough money for a down payment on a house. When Bill learned about the Maine Family Development Account (FDA) Program, he had a hard time believing the 4-to-1 match. Bill met with Roberta Teeto, Penquis MaineStream Finance FDA Program Manager to enroll in the program and found out just how easy it was to save.

After nearly two years of saving, Bill received the full match just in time to close on a home that he and Cindy loved. Bill kept a copy of the check stub used to make a down payment on their new home. His family and friends didn’t believe him when he shared the success he had with the program. When asked about what he had to say about the FDA program, he replied “I liked how they kept you informed on how much you have saved and how much you have to go. And the match is just unreal.”

Bill, Cindy and their daughter Isla are now enjoying their new home.  If you’re interested in participating in the FDA Program, please contact Roberta Teeto at 207-973-3624.